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New, Super, Beatable, Skyblock!

New, Super, Beatable, Skyblock!

I took basic Skyblock and made it way bigger. and best of all BEATABLE. yes, you heard that correctly you can now kill the ender dragon in Skyblock. are you ready for a fun grind and its final challenge.

It includes

an extravagant Skyblock Island with a custom chest. the island itself includes two wood types and many ores hidden inside.

The chest has basic materials and required items. (Don't eat the golden apples.)

There is also a custom floating stronghold.

there is a Nether island including the 4 new nether biomes. 

 (the default nether 500 blocks away in any direction)

And finally a custom End dimension. WITH NO ENDSTONE. So everything is floating above the Void. 

Although I did feel nice enough to give you two infinity blocks

The Goal:

Slay the Ender dragon

Steps to achieve:

1. Make a cobblestone generator.

2. Build a place where hostile mobs can spawn.

3. Brew a weakness potion with fermented spider eyes.

4. Use the weakness potion to cure a Zombie Villager.

5. Trade with the Villager to get emeralds. Then trade with a wondering trader to get dripstone.

6. Place dripstone under lava with a cauldron underneath the cauldron will eventually fill up.

7. Turn lava into obsidian and make a nether portal. (light it with fire spreading from lava)

8. Once in the nether either bridge to the default nether (500 blocks away) or ride a strider there.

9. Get blaze rods from a nether fortress.

10. Get ender pearls (From Piglin trades or from natural Enderman spawns)

11. Make eyes of ender from ender pearls and blaze rods and fill in the end portal.

12. Enter and defeat the Ender Dragon.

These are only the required steps there are lots of other things you might want to do. Villager trading for diamond armor and tools, Building farms, Getting elytra and other late-game items, etc. the possibilities are limitless.

Click on Download button to download the Map - 


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