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Minecraft 1.18.30 Link Free

 Minecraft - 1.18.30 (Bedrock)


Updated Create New World Experience

Create New World is being updated with improved navigation, more descriptions, and a new look and feel. It’ll be rolled out gradually across Android, iOS, Windows, and Xbox starting today.

We’re still woeffect

on some things, like support for other platforms, screen narration, the trial version of the game, and the Japanese language. We need some more time to work on these features in order to provide the best possible experience.

We would love to hear what you think! Share your feedback on the Feedback Site and put “Create New World” in the title so we can find it.

Realms World Storage

We are cleaning up expired Realms that have been collecting dust. Realms that have been canceled for more than 18 months will be deleted. Find out more at


The new Minecraft Bedrock rendering engine, RenderDragon, is now live on Android, iOS, Switch, and Windows 10 UWP x86 builds! Consolidating onto our new graphics engine will allow us to continue investing in future performance and stability improvements, as well as exciting new features for Minecraft!

This technical update shouldn't impact gameplay or experience, but if you run into any new issues, please file feedback so the team can investigate

Vanilla Parity:

World Generation

Worlds can now be created with 64-bit seeds (-9223372036854775808 to 9223372036854775807). These seeds can be used between Bedrock Edition and Java Edition to produce the same world (MCPE-144994, MCPE-148168)

Non-numeric seed UI inputs now produce the same seeds as Java Edition

Acacia Trees now grow Leaves on every branch below Y = 0 (MCPE-151386)


Tweaked hunger depletion rate to better match Java Edition (MCPE-56031)

Players can now properly lose hunger when sprinting or swimming

Players lose significantly less hunger when jumping

Exhaustion rates can now be tweaked in Behavior Packs

Players flying in Creative mode are no longer pushed by liquid current (MCPE-84592)


Shulkers now have a chance to spawn another Shulker when hit by a Shulker projectile (MCPE-104826)

When a mob picks up an item, the item can now be seen slightly "pulled" towards the mob right as it picks it up. This matches the behavior of Java Edition

Drowned can no longer spawn where the block light level is above 0 (MCPE-150148)

Bees no longer become angry when Beehives are destroyed by Silk Touch (MCPE-83550)

Untamed Wolves can now be leashed (MCPE-82050)

Mobs can no longer spawn on Campfires (MCPE-152770)

The Ravager now targets and attacks the Wandering Trader (MCPE-44606)

Mobs spawned from a Dispenser are now persistent (MCPE-110521)


Falling blocks once again have full-block hitbox

Changed block tick rates for Cactus, Chorus Flower, Crops, Grass, Pointed Dripstone, and Saplings to match Java Edition (MCPE-145612)

Cauldrons now only fill with water and lava by Dripstones that are below water and lava source blocks

TNT blocks now correctly move in a random X/Z direction once lit

Glow Lichen no longer generates hanging in the air inside Strongholds (MCPE-123448)

Glow Lichen now correctly checks for the face of the block they are attached to be a full block

Glow Lichen can now be attached to Leaves

Blocks such as Glow Lichen, Torches, and Redstone can no longer be placed on or attached to Brewing Stands

Blocks such as Glow Lichen, Torches, and Redstone can now be placed on or attached to Trapdoors, depending on their state

Azaleas and Lily Pads are now broken by flowing water (MCPE-152040)


The player's arm no longer twitches while charging a bow (MCPE-148486)

Nether Brick, Iron/Gold Nuggets, Red/Brown Mushroom Blocks, and Chorus Plant/Flower Blocks can no longer be used as fuel in Furnaces (MCPE-114216)

Water and Lava Buckets can now be used on waterlogged blocks, such as Light Blocks or Big Dripleaves (MCPE-148392)

Combat and Damage

Improved accuracy of damage calculations

Fixed some issues where damage invulnerability wasn't being applied properly

The camera now shakes the same way it does in Java Edition when the player receives damage (MCPE-118510)

Fixed an issue where the Protection enchantments mitigated too much damage. This has been changed to match Java Edition (MCPE-113191)

Absorption Hearts no longer stay yellow while under the Wither effect (MCPE-131852)

Added armor toughness

Diamond Armor and Netherite Armor now have a toughness value of 2 and 3 respectively

Tweaked armor reduction calculation to account for toughness

Netherite Armor will now reduce more damage than Diamond Armor

Lowered the amount of knockback resistance granted by Netherite Armor (MCPE-109408)

Punching deals less damage now, to better match the Java Edition (MCPE-152713)

Damage is now calculated more accurately by properly calculating and storing partial damage for larger damage

Mobs across higher and lower difficulties had their damage adjusted slightly accordingly

Mobs with knockback resistance (e.g. Ravager or Zoglin) now receive less knockback when hit by an Iron Golem

Armor and protection reduction calculations have been made more accurate

Dragon's Breath attack now properly deals damage (MCPE-94317)

Protection Enchantment now properly works on most damage types (MCPE-40651)

Landing on a Stalagmite is now properly considered fall damage (MCPE-151192)

Blaze Fireball will deal knockback on impact (MCPE-82421)

Blaze fireballs, Fang attack damage, and Shulker bullets now deal consistent damage across all difficulties

Small Magma Cubes do slightly more damage, from 2 to 3 on normal

Spiders deal slightly less damage, from 3 to 2 on normal (MCPE-94878)

Baby Zoglins deal slightly less damage, from 1 to 0.5 on normal

Baby Hoglins now attack players for 0.5 damage on normal (MCPE-152577)

Skeleton melee attack does slightly less damage, from 3 to 2 on normal

Wolves deal slightly more damage, from 3 to 4 on normal

Fixed an issue that was causing entities to not be protected from fire damage by the Fire Resistance effect

Fixed a desync issue that could sometimes cause health to regenerate only visually


Updated Villager trade tables for Armorer, Cleric, Fisherman, Shepherd, Toolsmith, and Weaponsmith to match Java Edition

Fishermen Boat trades now change wood type based on Villager biome type

Clerics now offer Glowstone instead of Glowstone Dust

Weaponsmith enchanted Iron Sword trade moved to Novice

Armorer Diamond trade moved to Journeyman

Villagers no longer share Seeds and Beetroot Seeds

Cartographers now always unlock Woodland Explorer Map trade (MCPE-152725)

Fixed an error where Journeymen Clerics would offer Glowstone Dust instead of Glowstone Blocks (MCPE-57524)

Farmer Villagers can now use Bone Meal on crops and can turn excess Seeds into Bone Meal at their Composter (MCPE-74079)

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